Max and Manda Maytag snuck outside for a quickie Blowjob while the rest of the team were inside having breakfast. Since no one came out to check on them they decided to do a cam show out of it.

Max and Manda Camming Outside 3/8/19

At the Porn House, I zero in on Raven Sweets. She was about to pack and leave to fly home. Do you have time for one more fuck? I asked she looked at her Dom Lord Black and asked him if it was OK. "As long as we make our flight her responded. Hence there is no story just straight to fuck

Max and Raven Sweets 3/8/19

Selah Rain has been working all week and need some stress release. She heard of LordBlack and that he offered an "adjustment" a specialized treatment for stressed ladies

Selah Rain and the Aduster 2/7/2019