Fleo is a Big fan of Rachel Domino. I met him at a party couple month before and asked if do any shoots in the near future he would like to get in on some action. Well This was his lucky day Rachel was in town for a week ad was available. So when I put these 2 together this is what happen when Rachel Meets a fan.

Rachel Domino & Fleo 1/2/17

Merriam was a shy substitute teacher when we first met. She was bursting to get out of her shell, experience things her conservative world did not have. And one of those was BBC. Told her partner she was going to meet some work friends for a drink. But sneaked over to my place for the the thing she craved.

Meeting Miriam first time 1/2/17

What can I say about Leilani Lei such a hot fuck. This time i am at her home fucking her in her bedroom. She is tiny but has a pussy that stretches and grips. I call her my lil firecracker for the amount of time she convulses every time she cums I love fucking this slut.

Leilani Lei 12/15/16